Words. Are. Powerful.

Creator of Wordaful, Liz Hernandez understands how words can shape your own thinking and even inspire others. Wordaful is a video and live event series that Liz created to focus on communication. Her Instagram account @wordaful, is a great follow for anyone’s morning scroll! She is a total #bossbabe who understands the importance of fostering positive conversations, both inwards and outwards.

Liz is an Emmy-nominated television personality and journalist who went from Access Hollywood, E News!, and MTV to pave her own path with Wordaful. From redefining words like “lean”, “maturity”, and “mine”, Liz shows the importance of how words are used.

In 2018, Liz Hernandez was one of the keynote speakers for our annual Passion to Paycheck event, where guests got to hear her industry advice.

Liz Hernandez, and Passion to Paycheck Founder, Erika de la Cruz

Speaker, Liz Hernandez, and Passion to Paycheck Founder, Erika de la Cruz at the event on April 7, 2018. (Photo from Press Pass LA)

We all love stories, and Liz has created a new medium for storytelling that is refreshing and sincere. On her website, Liz says that “Words give meaning. Words are how we communicate. Sometimes we throw out words and give no real thought to the power of what we are saying. I created Wordaful to begin the conversation. Let’s start paying attention.”

Written by Passion to Paycheck Contributor: Kaitlyn Foster

Erika De La Cruz

About Erika De La Cruz

Erika De La Cruz is a Media & TV Personality, specializing in On-camera, Runway & Radio Hosting. She is a San Diego State University Alum, with a background in Red-Carpet, Film & Fashion.