Spring Ahead: Fashion, Media & Digital Summits in 2020


Interview with Passion to Paycheck Founder, Erika De La Cruz & Jordana GuimarĂ£es Co-Founder of Fashinnovation: Connecting Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology in the Fashion Industry.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to Hold a Winning Digital Summit: Fashinnovation’s Digital Summit Experienced Success this Year with over 100,000 viewers over Two Days! Featuring Goliaths like: Diane von Furstenberg & Kenneth Cole.
  • Winning Characteristics of Entrepreneurship & How Mental Health Factors into your Business’s Success
  • The Future of Fashion and Sustainability and Tactics to Level-Up your Brand to Meet the New Standard

Catch their 2nd Worldwide Talks 2020: June 5th & 8th. Learn more HERE.

Erika De La Cruz

About Erika De La Cruz

Erika De La Cruz is a Media & TV Personality, specializing in On-camera, Runway & Radio Hosting. She is a San Diego State University Alum, with a background in Red-Carpet, Film & Fashion.

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